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Chittoor Nagar Nigam – Pay Your Property Taxes, Pay Your Property Mutation Fees or Ownership Transfer Fees, File Your New Assessment or New Property Registration Online and Know your Property Tax

In this fiscal year the Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC is trying to recover all the due property tax and water taxes from the property owners of the district. The department set a target for collecting all the revenue before the ending of this FY. Officials of Chittoor Nagar Nigam are also arranging a meeting in which all the property owners and establishment owners are invited.

In this meeting, the department officials will ask all owners for submitting their pending property and water taxes on time. We suggest all the citizens, submit their dues on time. After the last date, they will have to pay the penalty charges. For the Property Tax Payment in Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC the citizens directly can visit the municipal office with their property tax receipt or documents.

They can submit the due amount in cash counter after which the officials will handover acknowledgment to citizens. Also, for the online payment, the citizens can visit the official portal of Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC in webpage.

For the online payment, the citizens will require little information such as the area name, assessment code, or property tax. These details are also available on their property papers or last payment receipt. The citizens can use the online payment gateway for submitting their property tax dues in Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC.

About Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC

The Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC comes under the Chittoor district, the government of Andhra Pradesh – AP. The Nagar Nigam is covering the total area of 95.97 square kilometers. As per the official census records of the year 2011, the total population was recorded 1 lakh, 89 thousand, 3 hundred and 32. The Chittoor city is around 500 km far from the capital city Hyderabad. This municipal corporation was formed in 1917 as the III grade municipality. As per the documents of Election Commission of India – ECI the Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC is divided in total 50 wards. Just after the establishment in the same year the ward election was conducted by the civic body. Later in the year 1986, the Nagar Nigam was upgraded to the special grade. This area is famous for its mangos, jiggery and sugarcane production and most of the citizens used to do farming for their livelihood.
This Article:

We are explaining that how you can “pay your Property taxes, pay your property mutation fees or ownership transfer fees, file your new assessment or new property registration online and know your property tax” procedure. Check all the procedures below and follow all the steps very carefully. Know Your Property OR Pay Your Property Tax Online in Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC

•—For the payment of online property tax in Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC or to know your dues you just have to visit the official website On this website, you can see option “Citizens Services” on the home page.

Official Website of Chittoor Nagar Palika

Chittoor Municipal Corporation Official Website

•—After visiting on this page, on your computer screen you can see various options in which “Pay Your Property Taxes and Know Your Property Tax” are also available. Both options will send you on the same page of the website.

CMC Citizens Services Page

Chittoor Municipal Corporation Citizens Services

•—By clicking on the “Pay Your Property Taxes” option you will get a new page. On this page fill one of the information from following:

  • Assessment Number
  • Old Assessment Number
  • Owner Name
  • Door Number
Pay Your Property Tax Online

Pay Property Tax Online

•—Now you have to click on the “Search” button. This option will redirect on the payment page. On the payment, section using any one mode from internet banking, credit card or debit card to complete the procedure. After making the payment takes the printout of payment receipt. File Your New Assessment OR New Property Registration in Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC

•—For filing the new assessment the application form is available in below link. Fill the complete application form and submit it online. We also suggest you, download the receipt after filling the complete application form.

File Your New Assessment Online

File Your New Assessment

•—The citizens have to upload the documents also on the online registration form. You need to attach all these documents in PDF, JPEG, JPG or PNG format. You have to attach the following documents with the application form:

  • Building Permission Copy
  • Attested Copies Of Property Documents
  • Two Non-Judicial stamp papers of Rs.10
  • Notarized Affidavit Cum Indemnity Bond On Rs.100 Stamp Paper
  • Photo Of Assessment *
  • Copy Of Death Certificate/ Succession Certificate/ Legal Heir Certificate
  • Third Party Verification Copy
  • Patta Certificate
  • MRO Proceedings
  • Will Deed
  • Decree Document
  • Registered Document
  • Photo of Property with Holder Pay Your Property Mutation Fee in Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC

For the payment just simply visit the below available link. On this link, you just have to fill the following information and then press the “Pay Fee” button. By pressing this button you will see the new page on your computer. On this page use the debit/credit card or internet banking for the mutation or ownership transfer fees online payment.

Property Transfer Fee Payment

Property Transfer Fees Payment

Note: Here we explained the complete process for “pay your Property taxes, pay your property mutation fees or ownership transfer fees, file your new assessment or new property registration online and know your property tax” but if you still facing any problem then call on the helpline number available below. If you need more help then you also can submit your comment below.

Chittoor Municipal Corporation – CMC Helpdesk OR Chittoor Nagar Nigam Helpline


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