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MCDOnline Property Tax Payment File Online PTR, MCD Property Tax Receipts, MCDPropertyTax for South Delhi, NDMC, North Dehli & East Delhi, Nagar Nigam Vibhag

The citizens of Delhi can pay their taxes online for the properties. The online official website of Municipal Corporation of Delhi – MCD has given the facility online for making payment. You can make this payment online using Credit Card/Debit Card and Internet Banking for the North Delhi Municipal Corporation – NDMC, South Delhi Municipal Corporation – SDMC and East Delhi Municipal Corporation – EDMC. But for this process, you must have the property record number which is provided on the property papers. You can also submit an online application form along with personal and property details to complete the property tax filing process.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi – MCD Property Tax Rules for Assessment Year 2018-19

It is likely that you can find it difficult to understand the property tax form of Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD). Do not worries you are not alone if you are struggling to find out the difference between a total annual tax and net payable tax, or if your home falls in category A or B category, then we are here to clarify the conditions. Property Tax is a major source of revenue for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the entire world’s urban governments.

Due to poor governance in terms of property tax collection, Delhi’s performance is worse than other cities in India. According to various studies, nearly 30 percent of properties in Delhi are not registered in the municipal corporation records. According to the Indian Municipal Finance Report of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy 2011, only 9.6 lakh out of 25.3 lakh properties in Delhi are registered. However, home buyers are reluctant to pay property taxes.

But to avoid legal issues and to take advantage of tax it is necessary to pay property taxes on time. If you have a home in Delhi then it is very important for you to know these things about property tax:

Property Tax Calculations 2019 in Delhi Municipal Corporation – MCD:

For calculating property tax in Delhi, the MCD system used by the MCD government is using the Area System. The basis on which you pay tax on real estate properties in the Unit Area System is the built-up area, the period of construction, the structure of the building, and the location of the property in Delhi and it’s what type. Apart from this, property tax rates are different on commercial, residential, industrial and institutional properties. House comes in A or B Regional Property’s category, then you will have to pay 12% property tax. If the home is in the category of C, D or E-Residential Property then property tax will be 11%. If it is in F, D or H category then you will have to pay 7% tax. MCD uses this formula to calculate property tax:

  • Property Tax = Annual Value × Rate of Tax
  • Annual Value = Unit Area Value × AEG Factor × Use Factor × Structure Factor × Flat Factor × Occupancy Factor Unit To calculate Annual Value in Area System, tax rate multiplied with Annual Value is done.

How to Pay Property Tax Online in Municipal Corporation of Delhi – MCD

If you want to pay tax in an online way then log in at After this enter the property ID and follow the instructions. If you have not received the Property ID, you can calculate property tax through the Unit Area System Formula.

MCD Property Tax Payment 2018-19

Tax Exemption by Nagar Nigam Delhi:

The senior citizen, physically disabled, ex-servicemen will get 30% discount on property tax from MCD. But this will only happen if the property is fully occupied, or you are using it only and it is only being used for a residential purpose. If the total covered area is 200 square meters depending on the rate, a 30% discount will be applicable. The coverage area of your home is more than 200 square meters then the formula for calculating the exemption is Annual Tax X 200 X 0.3 / total cover area. If you own a small flat then there is a possibility of getting a concession in tax. If you live in the DDA or corporate group housing societies flat, whose total area covered, is 100 square meters, you will get a concession in 10% tax.

Why Should File MCD Property Tax on Time:

In case, if you pay property tax in an installment before June 30, you will be eligible for a 15% discount in a financial year. By March 31 you will have to pay property tax with pro-rate interest (proportionate to the time passed). But, after 31st March, penalty and interest will be levied on property tax payment.

MCD Official Website

SDMC Property Tax

North MCD Property Tax

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NDMC Property Tax

MCD Helpline Number – +91-11-26522700

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