Pay Property Tax Online in Delhi Municipal Corporation of Delhi

Delhi property tax: Property tax is tax paid by the property owner mostly annually to the Government and it is charged on the net assets of the assessee. This tax is derived from the property owners on profit.

The tax has to be paid on the same property year after year on the market price whether there is no income from that property. The taxation of property tax in India is under the Property Tax Act of India, 1957.

No need to worry to pay the Property Tax. Delhi Government is giving the online facility to their citizen to pay online property tax and it was started by the Delhi Government in the year 2007.

Before are the days when an individual had to spend time on manipulative (calculating) and doing formalities of paperwork of their property tax. But now after computerization and become online, anyone is able to pay their property tax online by clicking on a few links. If anyone wants to pay their property tax online but not to know how to do these all, then this article would be helpful for them which is providing you the complete details of filling online property tax in Delhi.

MCD is divided into three divisions, mainly North Municipal Corporation, South Municipal Corporation, and East Delhi Municipal Corporation. Further, these divisions have divided into 12 zones. NDMC has 6 zones, SDMC has, and EDMC has 2 zones under it. Now, these zones are further divided into wards. You can check your ward, then colony list, everything is available online. MCD has divided all the colonies of Delhi under 8 categories A to H and the tax rates are also decided according to the categories.

Procedure to pay property tax online in Delhi

In Delhi, the property tax is charged on the building and the land also which must be paid the property owner in the following manner-

  •  To pay the property tax online in Delhi, an individual needs to click on
  • It will guide you about the Municipal Corporation of Delhi online page.
  • If you want to go on a particular area where you reside and to pay for that particular area, then you must click on
  • After reading the Terms and Conditions, you need to Click here to File Property Tax
  • In case you filing the property tax 2nd  or 3rd  time enter your property ID here and submit it.
  • If you are filling the property tax for the very first time then click on ‘Click Here to File your Return if Property ID has not been allotted earlier’.
  • A new page will open up where you have to fill the details of Property Tax Return, like
  1. Ownership Details
  1. Type of Ownership, either you are a single owner or joint and more from the selection box.
  2. Type of Property- whether a property is agricultural, industrial etc.
  1.   Property Address Details
  • Enter your Colony name
  • Address details
  1.  Contact Details of the Property Owner
  • Fill your Phone/Mobile Number
  • Email Number
  1.  Bank Details of the Property Owner
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name
  • Account Number
  1.  Building Details and Tax Calculation
  • Enter Floor Number
  • Covered Area
  • Structure Factor
  • Use Factor
  • Occupancy Factor
  • Year of Construction – It means actually the handover when you got the actual possession of your flat. 

Click on the Submit Box. It will redirect you to the next page

 =!}In the page, you will see all the details which you entered, check all the details

 =!}The total annual value will come out and the current demand also. You will get some rebates like ownership rebate, lumpsum rebate if you pay the property tax before 30th June, and also online rebate.

 =!}Final Annual Tax payable comes out which you will have to pay online

 =!}Then click on Pay tax online, click on  Submit PTR and Pay Online

 =!}Pay the online Property Tax  by selecting the mode from Payment Gateway List

 =!}After paying you will get a receipt. You can take a print out of the receipt of the online payment of Property tax in Delhi.


 Tax Collection Centre in Delhi

There are three Tax Collection Centre in Delhi to submit Online Property Tax in Delhi and they are:-

ITZ Cash Outlets


Axis Bank

 Some Important and good points to remember of Online Property Tax Delhi

~~> The website of Property tax Delhi is also providing the facility to calculate your tax.

~~>Various payment facilities are provided to pay online property tax. You can select as per your suitability and convenience.

~~>While paying the property tax online, the website automatically updates the arrears and penalties of the taxpayer.

~~>Property Tax Delhi portal is administered by UTI Bank.

~~>In India, many people of different language living here, so to give the facility to all of them, this website are going to launch multiple language options to choose.

~~> Users can get the online property tax rebates which will figure out automatically depending on the day of filling of PTR or Challan.

Note For Delhi property tax: Extension of period of Amnesty Scheme 2019-20 under SDMC for waiver of 100% interest and penalty on payment of upto date tax is 30-04-2020. Extension of period of Amnesty Scheme 2019-20 under EDMC for waiver of 100% interest and penalty on payment of upto date tax is 30-06-2020.

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  1. birbal prasad singh

    Dear Sir,
    I am staying in Ranchi, Jharkhand. I want to off line deposit cheque for Property tax for South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Where/in which bank I can deposit property tax in Ranchi. Please reply soon as before 30th June ’15 I have to deposit.

    Thanking you.
    yours’ faithfully,
    Birbal Prasad Singh

  2. Rajeev Chawla

    I have not submitted my property tax for the last year means 2015-16. But now this year when I paid for 2016-17 in the receipt…Its mentioned that’s… there are no arrears to be paid. Now tell me how can I submit my last year’s property tax

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