Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax Payment & Download House Tax Receipt

Property tax is the biggest source of income in every municipal corporation including Hisar, Haryana. The Hisar Municipal Corporation can recover from the property tax of 50 crore rupees annually. The Hisar Nagar Nigam gets the employees’ lump sum money and expenses for other items through the revenue of property tax. That is why all the superiors are busy promoting the property tax process in the city.

Given the current situation tenders for various works including surveys are now going under the GIS Company. Before giving the tender, the people have got the right property bill, the Corporation administration is working on the arrangements. Postings of more than 30 percent of the property are still pending. The Hisar Nagar Nigam is working to fix them online.

Action Against Due Property Taxes by Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax Dept. Administration:

Regular notice is being sent by the municipal corporation to the big defaulters regarding the recovery of property tax. It is also recovering millions of Rupees from the corporation as the tax. While issuing the notice to the defaulters, the corporation administration is also working on distributing property tax bills on the other hand.

In the first phase, the department distributes the bills to the commercial property owners. Because the corporation gets commercial properties around 40 percent of the total property tax. Taking this seriously, the council is sending the bills to commercial property owners.

According to officials, so far 1500 business property owners sent by the council. After commercial owners, the council will send the bills to residential property owners. Residential property in the city is close to one lakh 28 thousand.

There is About 7,000 Commercial Property in Hisar City:

According to the officials, there is a total property of one lakh 35 thousand in the city. Of these, seven thousand are commercial. Bills have been distributed to commercial property owners, up to 1500 in three days from the municipal corporation.

However, the government has given a 30% discount on interest until December 31. City people are also awarding for the benefits of this scheme.

Hisar Municipal Corporation Survey in City:

The Haryana government has given the survey work of the city to the YASHI company. This company will start its survey after the elections. After which it will get the correct figure about all the properties in the city. Because last year the survey was done in 2012.

In the last few years, how many residential properties and commercial properties have increased? It will be able to find information. The satellite database based on photographs and data will be prepared. The online system will be fully updated so that the public can fill their property tax sitting at home.

30% Discount in Interest Rate for Depositing Property Tax:

Hisar City Council has decided to give a 30% discount on the interest amount to deposit the outstanding property tax. Any person can deposit his outstanding house tax amount with a discount interest amount up to December 31 in the council office.

In the current financial year, the council has yet to recover the property tax of Rs 55 lakh. In such a situation, the Hisar Nagar Nigam is very much looking forward to the plan that the council’s earnings will increase. However, trends still do not seem to be visible. The reason is that the notice is not distributed to the arrears on behalf of the Council.

The budget for the fiscal year 2018-19 of the city council is Rs 1 crore 90 lakhs. But it has an arrear of 90 lakh rupees. But the council has not even touched half of this figure to recover property tax. The Government has allowed depositing the house tax with a 30% discount.

From time to time the depositor does not collect the amount, and the council recovers the amount with 18 percent interest. So far property tax firms have not shown any particular interest in this scheme. Because people show greater interest in discounts on total property tax. With 30% off interest, the total amount of tax will not make much difference.

House Tax Collection by Hisar Municipal Corporation for Last FY:

There are a total of 38 thousand 527 units of property tax, commercial, residential, and other in the city. In the last fiscal year, the property tax has been deposited to close to 41 lakh rupees. The budget of the property tax of the Council is to deposit one crore rupees.

In such a case, the outstanding amount is attached to it in the form of an arrear. In the last fiscal year, the property tax branch earned 45 lakh 67 thousand out of the target of Rs.1 crore.

But in this financial year, the budget of the property tax doubled from the previous budget. In the last years, due to the non-completion of the target, the amount saved is added to the budget. In such a situation, the budget increases.

The previous budget of the property tax branch was Rs 1 crore. This budget has been increased to 1 Crore 90 Lakh this year. There is no preparation for the nip to be distributed to the bill.

Year Total Amount Recovery
2016-17 1 crore 41 lakh 59 lakhs
2017-18 1 crore 45 lakh 45 lakhs
2018-19 1 crore 45 lakh (till now) 45 lakh


The Bill of Property Tax was distributed by the Hisar Nagar Parishad in 2016. Since then the bills were not given to owners. At the same time, people are not able to deposit the property tax in the unbanked council, only to get two assessments, either to get an appointment or to change their loyalty. Apart from this, no one comes to fill the property tax in the Council.

Online  Services by Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax Dept.

All the services for the property are available online for the citizens by the Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax Dept. The citizens can obtain benefits of these services through the official website http://mchisar.gov.in/.

We will provide you with the following procedures:

  • 1 -:- Know Your Property Online
  • 2 -:- Payment of Property Tax
  • 3 -:- Download Receipt for Property Tax Received Payment

Note => 30% discount on the interest of the outstanding property due to tax to submission of lump-sum amount to the arrears of the year 2010-11 to 2017-18 from the letter No. 14/05/2017 -3C II dated 16/11/2018 of Haryana Government dated 31st December has been set up.

Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax – Section 1

  • Know Your Property Online in Hisar Municipal Corporation

To know your property online the service is available through the Hisar Nagar Nigam official website www.mchisar.gov.in. On this website on the home page, you can see the notification which is shown here above. You also can see the “Know Your Property” section here.

In this section, the citizens will have to enter the following information:

  • Fill in the Property UID
  • Enter the Owner Name
  • Provide the Mobile Number

Know Your Property



All this information is compulsory to fill in. Next after filling in all these details just press the “Search” or “Search Your Property UID” button.  You will be able to see the complete due tax details and other information related to your property.

The citizens can note down the amount showing here for making the house tax payment online for which we are providing the procedure below. In addition, we also gave you the link to download the “Self-Assessment Form” which you can download in PDF format.

Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax – Section 2

  • Online Payment of House/Property Tax in Hisar Nagar Nigam

We want to let you know that there is no payment gateway currently available on the official website mchisar.gov.in. But don’t worry, you can pay the house tax or property tax by using the official website of “Directorate of Urban Local Bodies – ULB Government of Haryana”.

The citizens will just simply need to visit their official website https://online.ulbharyana.gov.in/ where the payment gateway is available. By filling in the following information you can pay it:

  • Firstly select the MC Type
  • Secondly, fill in the MC Name
  • Thirdly write your Colony Name
  • Fourthly enter Property No./House No.
  • Fifthly fill in the Property ID
  • Sixthly write Old Property ID (if have one)
  • Now seventhly provide the Owner’s Name
  • Eighthly write the Father’s name of the owner

Online Property/House Tax Payment


On the next page, you will see the payment gateway. You can make the payment by using internet banking, credit card, or debit card. Download the payment receipt for further future help.

Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax – Section 3

  • Download Receipt for Property Tax Received Payment Online

If you forgot to download the payment receipt after submitting the house tax then don’t worry. Here we are providing you the link below where you can download the duplicate receipt of your property tax from Hisar Municipal Corporation Property Tax Dept. online.

On the below link page you just have to enter the following information:

  • Select the MC Name
  • Enter the Ward No
  • Write the Owner’s Name
  • Fill in the Property ID

Download House Tax Payment Receipt


By providing the above information you can see the payment receipt on the computer screen. You can download it now and keep it safe for future payment reference.

Hisar Nagar Nigam Contact Details

Office Location ⇒⇒⇒ Balsamand Road Hisar
Official Email ⇒⇒⇒ secymc[dot]hisar[at]hry[dot]nic[dot]in
Dept Phone No ⇒⇒⇒ 01162-237884
Vibhag Website ⇒⇒⇒ http://mchisar.gov.in/ (Site is Under Maintenance)


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  1. Since morning i am try to pay property tax online but in vain

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    Thanks for your good service

    1. https://online.ulbharyana.gov.in/ portal is opening now, please login again, if you get an issue again then copy past it on google and try it to open. the private clinic and private hospital are considered commercial so the calculation will be based on commercial property.

  2. TODAY I PAY TAX OF RS. 468/- ON SITE mchisar.in pay successfully but when i got receipt order status in failed. But my account has been debited of rs. 468/-. Now I What to do? my Receipt No. : 8e2d261375a0292195d0. My property ID : 204C70U59. Please Help

  3. https://online.ulbharyana.gov.in/ does not open, can you please send the correct link to pay the property tax online?
    I have added bank detail as provided in the bill. If i pay through bank directly how will MC will come to know who has payed the amount. Need your guidance


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