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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC (ahmedabadcity.gov.in) has approved a proposal of a 10% exemption for the advance submission of property. This decision has been taken in the meeting of the committee to give the concession on Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Property Tax.  However, last year, those who deposited advance property tax will be given a ten percent rebate in this year’s tax. Under this scheme encouraging taxpayers, this relief will be given to them this year after the advance bill is filled in 2022-23.

In the case of repaying the full property tax bill of the year 2022-23, a ten percent tax will be levied on property tax return PTR filling up to 2023-24.

The AMC doing this to promote taxpayers so that they can file PTR on time. It is worth mentioning that there is a wealth of crores of rupees in the city, which has been taken to recover various actions.

Properties have been sealed in the past and dozens of notices have been given to property owners by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – AMC Property Tax

It is very important to pay the house tax or property tax on time. The problems related to the filling of long forms and standing in long lines are greatly reduced.

To provide relief to property taxpayers, various Municipal Corporations including the Ahmedabad Nagar Nigam (ahmedabadcity.gov.in) of the country have started an online payment facility for filing property tax.

You must have an internet connection, credit/debit card or net banking details, and the correct documents to file online property tax in Ahmedabad. Here we are letting you know how you can pay online tax.

What is Property Tax -:

Property tax is levied on property and homeowners are obliged to pay it every year. In the area in which the property is situated, the owners have to pay it annually in favor of the civic body. This amount taken as the tax is used to improve the city’s basic infrastructure.

What is Property ID OR Tenement Number -:

The civic body entities give a property unique identification number (PUID) or property ID (PID) at the time of property registration. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC provides the Tenement Number.

Through this ID your property is seen in government accounts. Therefore, it is required when filing online property tax.

Follow These instructions -:

  • You have to cite the property ID in Returns and Correspondence.
  • It is important to remember the last property ID found on the property.
  • Through this ID you can also fill your returns in the coming years.
  • If you have forgotten the ID then you can go to the website and search your previous ID.

Exemption on Property Tax -:

There are many such properties which are exempt from paying property tax. These include:

  • Cremation ground
  • Property used for charitable works
  • Government buildings
  • Historic buildings
  • Place of worship
  • Agricultural land

Fixing Amount of Property Tax -:

The prices of property are based on these standards.

  • The surrounding area
  • Manufacturing process
  • Position factor
  • Building age and construction year
  • number of floors
  • Covered area
  • Empty area

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – AMC Property Tax Payment Guide

People living in Ahmedabad each year give Property Tax to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). AMC is counted as one of the most user-friendly and modern tax payment systems in the country and it is also true that at the beginning of the financial year 2022-23, the payment of property tax increased.

At the beginning of the year, 2017 property tax defaulters had paid the entire amount, they were given a 10% discount by AMC. Due to this rebate, between 1 April and 15 May, AMC had a property tax of Rs 282 crore in just 45 days. This amounted to Rs 23.72 lakh more than the amount received by AMC in the previous financial year.

AMC is one of the select institutions of the country whose citizens can file property tax through the mobile app. AMC said that the number of people who paid property tax through the Ahmedabad AMC App has increased 25x more than last year. Cashless transactions saw an increase of 21 percent.

This means that the property tax collection has increased by 132% compared to the previous financial year. According to the reports, the number of payers of cash has registered a decline of 8 percent. The objective is to achieve all the institutions of the country.

  • Calculate Tax of Residential Property

AMC calculates property tax based on property capital value. It has been available since the year 2001 and it works on – the property’s location, the type of property, the age of the property, and its usage basis. This is to calculate the property tax formula:

  • F1- In which property location.
  • F2 – The type of property.
  • F3 – The age of the property.
  • F4 – Value of Residential Buildings.
  • Fn – Property importance for the user.
  • How To Get a Tenement Number

To pay AMC house tax or AMC property tax, you need the Tenement Number. If you do not have the Tenement Number first visit the below link page where you have to fill in the following information to obtain the Property Tenement Number for filing the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – AMC Property Tax.

  • Firstly, select the Zone name from the list.
  • Secondly, select the Ward number from the available list.
  • Thirdly, write the Property Owner Name
  • Fourthly, fill in the Property Occupier’s Name
  • Fifthly, write down the complete Address

Get Tenement Details


After filling in all the above details just press the “Search” button on the ahmedabadcity.gov.in website given the link.

  • How to Check Property Tax Dues & Paid Details

If you are going to pay the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – AMC Property Tax then you must check due amount before payment.

To check the status of your due or paid house tax simply visit the below link. On this page, you have to fill in your “15 Digit Valid Tenement Number”.

AMC Property Tax Dues & Paid Details


Then you will have to press the “Search Dues” or “Search Paid” button. Now on the next computer screen, you will see the details of your house tax which you have to pay in favor of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

  • How to Pay AMC Property Tax

The fastest way to pay for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation – AMC Property Tax is online. The citizens also can submit the payment through the AMC website or their Android Ahmedabad AMC mobile app.

To make the online payment just you have to enter “Tenement Number”.

Online AMC Property Tax Payment


After filling in the tenement number click the “Search” button.

Now you have to make the payment through using a credit card, debit card, or internet banking mode.

In the last step, you have to download the payment acknowledgment slip for further assistance.

You also can pay the due amount by using the mobile app. This app is available on the Google Play Store. Here we are providing you the link below through which you can directly download it on your mobile.

Ahmedabad AMC App

AMC Property Tax Payment
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Tax Payment

As soon as you add a Tenement Number, the amount will appear on your screen which you have to pay as property tax. If you are making an online payment through the AMC App then you can use internet banking, or debit/credit card.

Meanwhile, apart from this, citizens can submit their tax payments in the city’s body centers. Most importantly, AMC takes a half-year property tax and usually, the last date of payment is 31 March and 15 October every year. But this change depends on AMC’s decision.

In conclusion, for delay payment conditions, the penalty department will charge at the rate of 2 percent per month, and citizens will have to pay this amount of penalty on the next property tax bill.

  • Keep These Things in Mind

  • Check the information already filled out, because on this basis you will get an exemption on property tax.
  • You have to pay the penalty with interest on non-payment of property tax.
  • Late payments make an extra charge.
  • You will get up to a 2 to 15 percent discount on the promotion of online tax payments. Women and senior citizens also can get additional concessions sometimes.
  • You can check the penalty rate for misinformation and confidential information on the municipal corporation’s website.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC Contact Details

Office Location

Amdavad Municipal Corporation, Mahanagar Seva Sadan, Sardar Patel Bhavan Danapith Ahmedabad – 380001. Gujarat, India.

Department Phone Number

+91-79-25391811 to 25391830

Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System (CCRS)


Official Email

[email protected]

Amdavad AMC Website


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