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The online service is provided by Agartala Municipal Corporation to their citizens. Property tax is an amount levied on the property and is paid by the property owner according to the value of the property. All the property that comes under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation may have to submit property tax. Agartala Municipal Corporation is giving the online facility of checking online details of your property taxes. To do the same or to check the property tax details,  the user is required to enter their house number and select the tax dues, etc.

The property tax is assessed and collected by Zonal offices in Agartala. The AMC Agartala Municipal Corporation has launched self-assessment schemes for easier valuation of property tax and provided more platforms for paying property taxes through the automated counter in zonal offices.

In Agartala, the property tax is evaluated based on the Annual Rental Value of the building.

 Rate of Property Tax in Agartala:

<~> M. Building:-

Residential building @ Rs. 1.60 per sqft.

Commercial building @ Rs. 1.80 per sqft.

<~> S. P. Building:-

Residential building @ Rs. 0.50 per sq. ft.

Commercial building @ Rs. 1.50 per sq. ft

<~> Fraim Building:-

Residential building @ Rs. 0.40 per sq. ft.

Commercial building @ Rs. 1.20 per sq. ft

<~> Katcha Building:-

Residential building @ Rs. 0.30 per sq. ft.

Commercial building @ Rs. 0.90 per sq. ft

 Procedure to pay Property Tax in Agartala:

{$} You need to enter the URL of Property Tax Agartala Municipal Corporation

{$} Then select the Area, Assessment code, and property tax details and click on proceed to make the payment. There are three modes of payment available credit/Debit Card or Internet Banking.

{$} The system will generate a receipt for your payment, save it, and take a printout of it for future use.

{$} You can personally submit the property tax. For this, you need to carry the property tax invoice to the municipal office of your concerned area.

{$} Pay the amount in cash at the counter of the office.

{$} They will provide you with an acknowledgment receipt of your payment. Keep it with you

Contact Address:- Agartala Municipal Council-Head Office City Centre Complex, Paradise Chowmuhani Agartala-799001

Contact Number:- (0381)-2325507, 2325646, 2325149

e-mail address:- [email protected]

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