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Rohtak is a district of Haryana state of India. The area of the district is 2,330 square miles and it is located 66 kilometers from India’s capital Delhi. Rohtak is a district of agriculture. This district has five districts of Haryana from all four sides. They are Jind in the north, Sonepat in the east, Bhiwani in the west, Jhajjar in the south, Hisar in the northwest, and Bahadurgarh in the southwest.

This district location is in the north-west of Delhi, on the intermediate highlands of Yamuna and Sutlej rivers. Its northern part is irrigated by the Rohtak and Bootana branches of the Western Yamuna Canal, but most of the intermediate ground is dependent on uncertain natural rainfall.

About Rohtak Municipal Corporation Administration

Rohtak is the main market for grains and cotton. In the industrial activities here, the work of weaving on food products, cotton ginning, sugar, and electricity looms is remarkable.

Maharshi Dayanand University is also available in Rohtak, which are affiliated colleges like Jat Hero Memorial College Rohtak GB Ayurvedic College, IC College, Vaish College of Engineering God Brahman Degree College and Jat College, and Mastnath College.

The present Rohtak district started when the gift was abandoned by the Dajana chief. Gohana to Kharkhoda Mandi Estates ended in 1818 for the British government. On the other hand, In 1824, Gohana, Kharkhoda Mandi was established as a separate unit in Rohtak district.

The Bahadurgarh region built its reputation and the southern border of Jhajjar was under the rule of the entire area, including Rohtak, Delhi till 1832, but in that year it was brought under the same rules as the Northern Indian Balance.

Gohana, Panipat, and the rest of the Tehsil were going to Delhi but it was made the following year. With two districts Rohtak and Jhajjar Muslims, consequently, the rest was removed from North-Western provinces after 1857 with the rest of Delhi and Hisar divisions and the government passed to Punjab.

On 13 April 1858, Rohtak’s distribution of India still became part of Hisar division till 1884. After the transfer of Rohtak district from Punjab, there were several changes before accepting its present form.

Bahadurgarh property was added to Samla tehsil, further five separate villages were added to Delhi in the east. Narnaul, Kannada, and some areas of Dahiri were in Jhajjar. Rohtak Municipal Corporation Profile:
  • District Name -:- Rohtak
  • Subdivisions -:- Rohtak, Maham, Sanpala
  • Sub Tehsil -:- Lakhan Majra
  • Tehsil -:- Rohtak, Maham, Sanpala, Kalanaur
  • Total Panchayat -:- 139
  • Total Villages -:- 147
  • Area not available for Agriculture -:- 15956 acres
  • Agricultural Waste -:- 3775 acres
  • Uninfected area -:- 20200 acres
  • Irrigated area -:- 123422 acres
  • Total Population -:- 10,34,000
  • Urban Population -:- 5,17,120
  • Rural Population -:- 6,20,520
  • Gender Ratio (Female-Male) -:- 807-1000
The Benefit of Exemption by Collecting Rohtak Property Tax in

There are 1 lakh 79 thousand 461 owners of residential, commercial, and industrial properties under the Municipal Corporation Rohtak. Only 76 thousand 653 of them have submitted their rohtak property tax.

The corporation commissioner said that according to Sections 330, 331, 335, and 336 of the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act 1994, there is a provision to acquire/renew the trade license, but repeatedly to take notice and news of newspapers Despite this, only 250 of 30 thousand people have got a trade license.

He said that people would also get a trade license by submitting their outstanding assets. By visiting the municipal website online or the municipal office, the citizens can deposit the tax by 31 December and can avail of a 30% discount on the amount of interest only given by the Haryana Government.  Online Services for Property in Municipal Corporation Rohtak Property Tax Portal:

All the services for the Property are available on the official portal of Municipal Corporation Rohtak Property Tax Online Portal i.e. The citizens can obtain various services through this online website. On this page, we will let you know a few following procedures:

  1. Property tax Calculator – By using this the citizens can calculate their MC Rohtak property tax amount which they have to pay in favor of the Municipal Corporation of Rohtak through the online/offline mode.
  2. Property Tax Payment – Under this option the payment gateway for the property/house tax is available. Citizens can use it for submitting their due taxes online.
  3. DNC Register (Property Tax) – In this section citizens can check all the revenue tax collection by the MC Rohtak. They also can search for their name in this list.

Follow all the instructions available on this page to obtain the benefits of the above services. Check one by one all the procedures and submit your online tax.

Procedure A

  • Property Tax Calculator by Rohtak Municipal Corporation on

Firstly, before the payment of Rohtak property tax/house tax, the citizens also can calculate the total due amount through this option. You just simply have to visit the below available link and fill in the following information:

  • Year
  • City Class
  • Category of Property
  • Type of Your Property
  • The sub-category of House/Property
  • Area of the House or Property

Secondly, all the information is mandatory and compulsory to fill here. After filling in all these details press the “Calculate” button and you will see the due house tax information in the “Floor, Property Category, Property Type, Property SubCategory, Covered Area, Usage, and Rebate” way. Most importantly, you will have to pay the showing amount in favor of Rohtak Nagar Nigam as the house tax.

Property Tax Calculator


Procedure B

  • Online Rohtak Property Tax/House Tax Payment in Rohtak Nagar Nigam via

After the house tax calculation, the citizens will have to make online payments in favor of Rohtak Nagar Nigam. For making the payment online the link is available below. You can make the payment by entering “Unique Property ID” or by filling in “Location, Owner Name, and Property Address”.

Rohtak Property Tax/House Tax Payment Online


Moreover, in the next step press, the “Search” button and you will see all the due amounts and other details for flavor properties. Then make the payment in favor of Rohtak Municipal Corporation by using an online payment gateway.

Subsequently, the citizens can use any mode for example credit card, debit card, or internet banking mode. Also, download the payment receipt or acknowledgment slip after submitting the payment online. Meanwhile, save this slip for further help from officials in case of any problem in the future.

Procedure C

  • DNC Register (Property Tax Collection) by Rohtak Municipal Corporation

The Nagar Nigam Rohtak also gives the service to check the DNC Register. In this register, the citizens can check all the past and future payments. In short, the citizens can check their names on this list to make sure that the payment is updated on the website. The link is available below for this option.

Check DNC Register


Municipal Corporation Rohtak Contact Details

In conclusion, if you are having any problems while filing the house tax then contact the Rohtak Municipal Corporation taxation Wing. Similarly, we are providing you the link below where all the department sections’ contact information is available.

However other department’s contact numbers are also available, for example, General Administration Wing, Engineer Wing, Town Planning Wing, Electrical Wing, Fire Wing, Taxation Wing, Sanitation & Health Wing, and Account Wing.

Taxation Wing Helpline -:- 08295900950
Dept Contact Details -:-
File Online Complaint -:-

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