Online Property Tax Payment in Meghalaya Shillong Municipal Board-Nagar Nigam House Tax PTR File

As per the Meghalaya Municipal Act, 1973, the system of self-assessment of holding of property is implemented by the Shillong Municipal Board. The Shillong Municipal Board was constituted under the act of Meghalaya Municipal Act, of 1973. All the responsibility to collect property tax hast Shillong Municipal Corporation Board. The owner of property or holder of property is required to calculate tax on property and deposit it to the municipal board.  It is mandatory to file an annual property tax return. The owner of property or holder of property can take the help of Architects who are registered under the Architects Act, 1972, or any licensed architect in the calculation of tax.  In the first section at the time of implementation of self-assessment of the property tax system, the property tax is are calculated by the owner of the property. To fill property tax you require Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN).

Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya state which was planned by the British as a hill resort. The state of Meghalaya is beautiful. There are mountains covered with snow look so beautiful and adorable.  It is one of the low [population states of India. In the year 1872 according to the census, there were only 1368 residents and now there are two lakhs fifty thousand citizens residing in the state. Today, the city of Shillong is known as the heart of education as there are well-recognized schools and colleges in the city.

Procedures for Self-Assessment of Property Tax Return

In the state of Meghalaya property tax self-assessment system is managed and controlled by the Shillong Municipal Board. The tax amount is issued to provide civic amenities to citizens of the city. Those who want to pay property tax need to file a return in the specified form. Check the steps to pay property tax.

Go to the official web portal of Shillong Municipal Board or check below given direct link.

Click Here for Shillong Municipal Corporation ↣↣↣↣

Here click on the Self Assessment of Property Tax option and it will redirect you to a new page where download the firm of self assessment of property Tax or see the direct link to the form given below.

Click Here for Property Tax Self Assessment Form ↣↣↣↣

Download the form for the assessment of property tax and fill it with all the details in the first part enter your Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN).

Next, you need to enter details of the holding the owner of the property as name of the owner, name of institution/organization, and if the property is used for non – residential purposes.

In the third part enter details of households sharing the same building (if more than five).

After that enter details of the address of the person responsible too filing PTR and payment of tax.

In the fourth section enter the location and usage of holding/property. Enter the calculation of annual rental value, net tax value, mode of payment, and other required details in the form properly.  No detail in the form should be wrong.

Next visit to the office of Shillong Municipal Board and deposit form along with tax amount.  After that, collect the receipt of payment of tax.

Click Here for Guidelines of Property Tax ↣↣↣↣

Contact Details

Shillong Municipal Corporation, Government of Meghalaya

Address:  Bishop Cotton Road, Shillong

State: Meghalaya

Pin Code: 793001

Telephone Number: 0364 – 2224702, 2224850

E-Mail ID: [email protected]

Public Grievance Cell

Telephone Number: 0364 – 2501359

Click Here to Calculate Property Tax ↣↣↣↣

Citizen it is requires you to pay an annual property tax return to the Shillong municipal board. Above we provide you form and steps to pay property tax. Carefully read all steps properly and then proceed to pay the tax.

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