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Vasai is an area of Vasai-Virar in Mumbai. Vasai is a historic city. The basin name of Vasai was first. Later it was Vasai. This city was formerly under the rule of the Portuguese (Portugal) people. Vasai Virar is a municipal corporation that holds second place in Maharashtra revenue. Mumbai is a great city. There is a city with all facilities. Is the education hub. Palghar District, Konkan Division. However, it is 50 kilometers away from Mumbai. This is a city with all its features. It is also an education hub.

Palghar District comes in Konkan Division. It is 50 kilometers away from Mumbai. Here the language is Marathi, English, Hindi. Government work is done in Marathi and English. Vasai is the junction of the railway junction.

From here on, there is a traffic movement of trains from every corner of India. The MIDC is the No. 1 city of Mumbai. The population of Vasai Virar Municipality is about 1.50 lakhs. Due to high greenery, it is also called green Vasai.

How to Pay property tax in Gharpatti

Here we are let you know that how you can pay the “About Property Tax in Vasai Virar”, “Online Property Tax in Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC)” OR “Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagarpalika Gharpatti” and “File/Register Your Complaint in Vasai Virar MNP”.

If you need more help or procedures related to the Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagar Palika then submit a comment in the below section.

About Gharpatti Property Tax – PTR or Gharpatti in Vasai Virar MNP

If you have a home, you will be expected to pay property taxes to the urban local authority, under which the property is present. For example, if your property is in Vasai Virar, you will have to pay taxes to the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (on the basis of sub-division).

Regardless of paying the property tax, it may be uncomfortable, filing a property tax return (PTR) or paying house tax on time will give you the benefit of rebate for early taxpayers.

In addition, late payments or if you are listed as the defaulter in the property tax payment list, in that case, there is also a provision of punishment by the government.

But, it is less difficult for you because property taxes in India are far less than global standards in Maharashtra. The property tax you provide depends on the residential colony, in which you have a house. In which house location, the area of your house, how old is your house, occupation and many other factors are included.

If you are a senior citizen, a disabled person, a woman or a former service person, then there are exemptions. But, if you living or using rent the property to someone else, the discount will not apply.

Exemptions & Discounts in Tax -:

The property must be self-occupied to claim a property tax rebate or house tax rebate. Under the many municipal corporations including Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagar Palika, if you are late for making the house tax payment, the more you are expected to pay, the more it will increase.

For example, the estate tax amount to be paid in July is expected to be more than what is expected to be paid in June, some properties like central government assets have been exempted from property taxes.

Religious worship sites have been exempted from property taxes but, it does not apply to homes, you have to pay property taxes (Gharpatti) annually. Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagar Palika allows you to pay your Gharpatti property tax online through their official website http://vvcmc.in/.

Therefore, for many urban Indians, this process is easier than ever. You do not have to physically travel to government offices. The online gharpatti property tax payment system allows home buyers to pay through various payment centers, such as banks.

How to Pay Gharpatti Property Tax / House Tax OR Online Gharpatti Vasai Virar MNP

For filing Gharpatti property tax , Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagarpalika allows you to make the payment online through the official website vvcmc.in.

Citizens can visit this website and through the payment gateway can submit their Gharpatti property tax / house tax in favor of Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation.

See the steps below for making payment.

  • Firstly visit the official website http://vvcmc.in/ where you will get the option as “Pay Your Property Tax”.

Vasai Virar MNP Website


  • Secondly, after selecting the option as above you will get the new payment page. Here you have to select an option from “Malmatta Kramank/No or Property Owner Name” for payment. Then select the “Zone”, enter the “Ward Number” and “Malmatta Kramank”. Now after pressing the “Search/Shodha” button, in the below section of the same page, you will see the due amount details.

Pay Online Gharpatti Property Tax


  • Thirdly make the payment in favor of Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagar Palika by using a credit/debit card or internet banking. You can get the Ward number, malmatta kramank, and division information through the property tax bill. You also can pay the Gharpatti property tax/ house tax in Virar Vasai MNP by using the Paytm Mobile App or Website.

Pay Gharpatti property tax / house Tax via Paytm


  • Fourthly now after making the payment, you must have to download the payment receipt for further assistance in the future. Keep this receipt safe.

File Complaint OR Lodge Grievance in Vasai Virar Mahanagar Palika

⇒If you are facing any problem while submitting the payment or any other then file the complaint. For this service just visit the below link where you fill in the following information:

  1. Complaint Sub Type
  2. Applicant Name
  3. Fill his/her Contact No
  4. Customer Email
  5. Address
  6. Complaint
  7. Upload Image
  8. Enter Captcha

File Complaint Online


⇒Now after filing a complaint you also can check its status. For checking the status of your complaint in the department just visit the below link and enter your “Complaint Number” or “Mobile Number”.

Check Complaint Status

Vasai Virar Shahar Mahanagarpalika Contact & Helpline

⇒If you are still facing any issue then related to the Gharpatti property tax or any other then contact the officials only. In conclusion, check all the links and helpline details.

Department Helpline ⇒⇒⇒ 88281378 32

Toll-Free Number ⇒⇒⇒ 18002334353

Official Email ⇒⇒⇒ [email protected]

Complaint Escalation Charter ⇒⇒⇒ http://vvcmc.in/vvmc/?page_id=228&lang=en

VVCMC Head Office ⇒⇒⇒ Opp. Virar Police Station, Bazaar ward, Virar East, Maharashtra 401305

Office Landline ⇒⇒⇒ 0250-2525105

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